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Technical Design for
Mobile Hybrid CBCT Scanner
Mobile Hybrid CBCT Scanner
We explored factors of seldom use of slow juicers and introduced the concept of cartridges with new user experience. It was designed to focus on its juicing process and spreading the joy of it while reducing the time and effort that people use to spend. The function, form, and layouts are all-new, on the other hand, its generality makes easy to permeate users’ lifestyles without discomfort.
Juicer 1
We explored factors that lower usability of slow juicers and introduced the concept of cartridges with a new user experience. It was designed to focus on its juicing process and spreading the enjoyment the juice while reducing the time and effort that people use to spend. As if when coffee came into your lifestyle.  The cartridges are filled with fresh fruits and vegetables in ready-to-squeeze condition, of pre-cleaned and chopped ingredients then safely sealed in packages.
Juicer 2
The indoor oxygen generator is an oxygen supply system that controls the environment based on monitored current air quality. It used to be placed in industrial facilities, alpine regions, and hospitals, but the demand for high-quality oxygen in everyday life increases gradually.
Live Blender is a futuristic blender that lets you drink fresh, tasty beverages whenever you want. When the black metal chamber cover closed automatically, it becomes the same structure as an insulated bottle when it is in a vacuum status. The high glossy bottom part emphasis on the intuitive control and dynamic display. The hidden OLED behind the black translucent part adds a sense of depth to the product and provides a step-by-step usage of the blending process.
Live Blender
Calzone is an original product made to explore BDCI’s attitude towards design and lifestyle. Calzone is a silicone made tableware inspired by Itay’s traditional oven baked crescent folded pizza.
Lullaby is equipped with a portable speaker system based on AI voice recognition.
This Accessory Scans Your Skin for Underlying Problems, The Hassle Free Way
We know the importance of simplicity.  However, even if it is simple, We tried to harmonize the face, line, transparency and gloss in order to show a new appearance in the market. This Sugar container combines a simple, sophisticated design language with small functional considerations. It is a comfortable and intuitive kitchen accessory that can be easily applied to the cooking process in the kitchen.
Sugar Container
Breath is a part of an oxygen generator that ejects generated oxygen. We wanted it to work like oxygen which has a low presence when we are not aware of it but with us all the time. By focusing on the three keywords of ‘presence,’ ‘meaning,’ and ‘value,’ we refined the form and suggested a design that never existed in the market, which harmonizes with indoor spaces and visualizes the flow of oxygen by its unique breath-like movement.
Temperature Maintaining Blender is a futuristic blender that allows you to drink fresh and delicious juice. This is an innovative blender that can provide fresh juice anytime, anywhere. While keeping power blender’s powerful performance, while keeping the material in a container in advance and storing it for long periods of time through vacuum, and proper temperature. It is appropriate for the city dwellers life style. If you blending when you’re outside, you can free from the power blender’s noises. And even if you haven’t been home for a long time, you can provide your family with fresh juice that isn’t browning.
Live Blender 2
A refreshing bathroom experience brought to you by the body air dryer.
Air Spa
The project was a skincare bottle design for the premium skincare brand Belief, which develops cosmetics based on UK-derived herbs. We considered the Belief’s professional and luxurious appearance while inheriting the iconic DNA that used a metaphor of British ingredients to British gentlemen’s fedora.
Next generation kitchen appliance.
Live Blender
The next-generation diagnostic laboratory platform miLab® for NOUL. Most devices that can diagnose malaria are difficult to move in size, so they have to diagnose in a limited space such as an equipped laboratory. NOUL was able to put the diagnostic technology into a small-sized device, so we could design a device that can move freely and diagnose with only one chip. We have designed the layout to let the main user can easily read the barcode form the chip and insert it for diagnosis. Healthcare workers will be able to diagnose has done naturally with the layout.
BDCI is providing concept generation to prototype production as well as business strategy. Doobit is so-called a ‘Wearable Sanitizing System’ which is a product without a previous example in the market. Therefore, by having sufficient communication with Client, we intended to achieve what the essence of Doobit is.
Wearable Sterilizer
Bringing breadth of life into space through the combination of plant and lighting.
We continue to design thinking to spread the good habit of hand washing. As a designer, it is a small effort to overcome the problem of infection.
Bloomengine is a gardening device to help grow plants from seed to bloom by providing light, water, and air circulation. It creates a suitable environment for plants to grow healthy.
For '2020 installation, we studied the relationship between light and shadow and media.
2020 Season
Kitchen towel case. Kitchen accessories with the ability to lift towels one step at a time.
Kitchen Towel Case
Design representation for the water surface. Design engineering study on air conditioner blades.
Air Conditioner
We designed a smart fishing grip that can measure and digitize fish's weight and length. Usually, the fishing grip is used only to pick up caught fish from the water, but various products started to emerge with the weighing function recently. This Smart Fishing Grip is designed to measure the weight and length of simultaneously. It is a combination of a digital element that weighs and a Technical method to measure the length.
Fishing Grip
BDCI has collaborated with global designers and global companies through various projects. For this project, we collaborated with KOKUYO, a specialist stationery maker in Japan, to design a tape dispenser and it continued nearly a year. KOKUYO is a company that suggests the transition of innovative ideas. The idea comes from the ‘user’s perspective’ or detection of very fine details in the product category of stationery. The design of KOKUYO should not be ‘just’ beautiful. KOKUYO’s design is a function-oriented design that focuses on users, or 100% focus on considerations on usability. We needed come up with a novel idea to solve the problem of weight and size, an attitude for designed desktop stationery and very detailed usability while performing the role of large-sized tape dispenser enough.
Tape Dispenser
We designed a wearable ECG Tracker which measures the emotional state of dogs by measuring their electrocardiogram. With the ECG tracker, we can check our precious dogs' emotional state and track their health status. By collecting electronic signals from dogs, you can check the overall condition of their emotions, activity, sleep, and breathing conditions. Unlike other devices, the ECG tracker has very high accuracy by placing two electrodes in a wide range of conductive rubber. It will be placed in the chest area of the dog, checking the electrocardiogram near the heart. Also, it is useful for hairy dogs because they can collect signals without direct contact with the skin.
ECG tracker
Package design of the highly moisturizing hand cream presented by cosmetic brand Skybottle, which is showing a series of perfumed hand creams. We proposed a design that emphasizes the function of high moisture while maintaining the emotional and delicate image of Skybottle's fragrance-free, high-moisturizing hand cream that contains blue agave, a type of aloe that blooms in the desert. The minimal color of white and gray emphasizes fragrance and symbolizes high moisture through the expression of the texture of gradient, glossy, and emboss.
Sky Bottle
Motion sensing gesture controllers provide a unique user experience for business and entertainment environments. Pero is a wrist band type, which can be worn on the wrist at all times. It can also be used as a controller for work and entertainment if you wear around your palm.
Oxyple oxygen generators is an industrial facility that supplies oxygen to a place where oxygen is needed. We prioritized the actual users who manage its transportation process and maintenance. The design concept is inspired by the facades along Nyhavn of Copenhagen, and the modular design allows the oxygen generator to be separated into small units, which can be easily expanded or reduced depending on the amount of oxygen needed, unlike the conventional oxygen generators.
Oxygen generator
We know the importance of simplicity.  We wanted to make cute, smart tools. Keeping the right balance of white for white. Long type and Short type, We propose two non-slip clips for kitchen life.
Sealed Clip
mk2 제품누끼.png
Safety Goggles
Cannula mask for patients with breathing difficulties .
Cannula Mask
Combinable dining lighting.
220 degrees panoramic VR  This beautifully intriguing example of design aims to push the boundaries of VR even further than ever before! The 220-degree viewing angle provides a panoramic view of the virtual world, making the immersive experience of VR even more captivating! To complement the futuristic technology, this headset carries an aesthetic that puts other headsets to shame; any unnecessary lines and crevasses have been removed, leaving a seamlessly beautiful and pure device. Even the little details, such as the adjustment for the headset’s sizing and power buttons have been carefully considered, allowing for them to be integrated elegantly into the form of the device.
Panoramic VR
Smart Pump Prototype
Smart Pump
Hurom is world’s first and major Slow Juicer manufacturer, and it was the only product for Hurom until BDCI involved in the development of kitchen appliance line-up project.   It should took a long time for single product manufacture company to decide to launch a full line-up of kitchen appliance. Close collaboration has been achieved  to complete the lineup that encompasses the younger target users while strengthening the existing luxurious image of Hurom.
Kitchen Collection
Gift Pakage
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Branding film

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Robot Cleaner Enhancing Module
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