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Robot Cleaner Enhancing Module


This Guardian was designed for Samsung Electronics Creative Lab,

It is an on-board module that strengthens the intellectual abilities of the early versions of the robot vacuum cleaners that lack functions.


The robot vacuum cleaners were introduced to the market in 2001.

It drew attention with its release, but was not widely distributed due to its less-than-expected performance.

There were more spaces that were not cleaned than those that were cleaned.

For this reason, customers have turned away from robot vacuum cleaners for a while, but

Gradually, its draw backs were improved with the development of the mapping technology, vision technology and the autonomous driving ability, which responded to overlapping cleaning and the weaknesses were strengthened.


With the advancement with the technology the earlier versions of the robot vacuum cleaners are becoming obsolete, if so what can be done with these somewhat incompetent models go?

In order to revive the precedent models, who has performed its duty in the era where technology fell behind the idea, Guardian equipped with a large number of cutting-edge AI technologies such as Lidar sensors, 3D sensors, and AI object recognition solutions appeared.


Now, the retired robot vacuum can accurately recognize the structure of the house, furniture, and appliances mapping the space with accuracy and agility using the implemented latest cutting edge autonomous driving capabilities.


The Guardian plays a complete supporting actor. It has an intuitive design leaving only necessary elegant edges as an element and thoroughly restraining other aspects. Just connect the cable and press the prominent power button to start analyzing the space, and the retired robot vacuum cleaner starts running smart.


for Samsung C.lab


Planning | Product design | Technical design


Director | Seomin Lee

Product designer | Seona Yeom

Technical designer |​​​​​​​ Seona Yeom, Gwongak Lee​​​​​​​ 

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