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It is a heat exchanger measurement system used in nuclear power plants and is a special precision equipment. Existing products were made of ready-made aluminum cases to protect precise and expensive interior parts. Due to the nature of sensitive precision parts, it was an important mission of this design to reduce the weight with products that workers had to carry by hand. 

For solidity and stability, aluminum was used as a frame and both side plastic panels were placed. With a leather cover with a thin but solid metal plate placed inside. It reduced the weight of the case and made a big change in the design of the exterior.


The two types of interfaces distributed inside and at the bottom of the cover are placed equally at the bottom, which is expected to improve the operator's workflow. The overall shape feels modern and smart briefcase. Through a mix of bright aluminum metal materials, white plastic, and leather, we reduced weight and improved solidity and style. Soft sculptures using understated rounds, white-colored plastic, exposed aluminum, and stylish designs of foldable leather covers. The design also takes into account the emotional aspect of worker pride in performing important and sensitive measurement tasks.

Like a runner on a sled, metal frames on both sides that protrude slightly from the body protect sensitive expensive internal measuring parts from impact when the case is placed on the ground.The thin, sturdy metal plate, reinforcement and leather-sandied cover is light and fresh in a stable and sturdy layout.


The weight of the equipment was reduced by 50% through the relocation of internal parts required for measurement and the design considering the assembly.We sought a design that emphasized the value of precision equipment and trust in professional technology.

Safe, light, and cool

“FLUX” Heat exchanger measurement system for nuclear power plants

for FNC Technology

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Planning | Product design | Structure design

Director | Gwongak Lee

Product designer | Seunghyum Noh

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