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Kitchenware Collection​​​​​​​


for Hurom

Hurom is world’s first and major Slow Juicer manufacturer, and it was the only product for Hurom until BDCI involved in the development of kitchen appliance line-up project.  

It should took a long time for single product manufacture company to decide to launch a full line-up of kitchen appliance. Close collaboration has been achieved 

to complete the lineup that encompasses the younger target users while strengthening the existing luxurious image of Hurom.

The Collection

kitchenware collection05.jpg
kitchenware collection06.jpg
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kitchenware collection10.jpg
kitchenware collection09.jpg
kitchenware collection04.jpg
kitchenware collection02.jpg
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kitchenware collection11.jpg
kitchenware collection12.jpg
kitchenware collection13.jpg
kitchenware collection14.jpg
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kitchenware collection15.jpg
kitchenware collection17.jpg

Planning | Product design

Director | Seomin Lee

Product designer | Mimi, Sungwon Yang, Sangmin Lee

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