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Wearable Sterilizer doobit1
BDCI is providing concept generation to prototype production as well as business strategy
product design for doobit
product design for doobit

Wearable Sterilizer

MWC Barcelona 4YFN Best5 2017

for Doobit

BDCI is providing concept generation to prototype production as well as business strategy. Doobit is so-called a ‘Wearable Sanitizing System’ which is a product without a previous example in the market. Therefore, by having sufficient communication with Client, we intended to achieve what the essence of Doobit is.

Designing Doobit was defining a completely new concept. In order to expand the idea of ‘sanitizer atomization from a wearable device on your wrist’, constant meetings and countless reviews were held. BDCI believes a product’s structure and design must follow the client’s intention and what is a core value to that specific project.

Doobit’s core value is ‘a cool way of hand sanitizing’. We figured that the boring and stiff impression carried by the word ‘saniting’ needed a major re-framing. Following our intensive internal reviews, we came up with motifs reminiscent of ‘universe’, ‘planets’ and ‘moon’. These motifs, we believed to be suitable for a ‘cool way of hand sanitizing’ because the cosmic images convey mysterious, futuristic and most importantly, cool.

Not only do we work with computer renderings, but we also constantly create progressive mock-ups to generate instant ideas for the best decision making. In the beginning phase, hundreds of rough paper mock-ups were made to refine quick ideas into more defined solutions. After that, we utilize our 3D printers for a model with more realistic look sand mechanisms. Finally, we have a working prototype that looks and works just like a production model. Along with this creative process, we make sure that we catch every single detail for improvement.​​​​​​​

A Cool Way to Stay Hygienic​​​​​​​

prototype making doobit4
prototype making doobit5
Wearable Sterilizer doobit

Planning | Product design | Branding | Technical design | Electric circuit design | Manufacturing

Director | Seomin Lee

Product designer | Sungwon Yang, Sangmin Lee

Visual designer | Boram Kim

Technical designer | Gwongak Lee

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