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is an industrial design studio
based in Seoul, South Korea.

The scope of our work includes home appliances, furniture, lighting, small accessories, and innovative tech products by bridging the digital to the physical.

We focus on the design and experiences that enrich our lifestyle.

We are committed to bringing reliable hardware products that fit well with today's lifestyle and are to be loved and used for a long time.

Not only do we design daily objects, but also, we are passionate about designing and implementing special functions for specific objects.

Our range of activity is not limited to a single field of design.

We start from the origin of reframing business, and simultaneously, branding strategy to structure product design and technical design engineering.

We carry out projects to satisfy our various clients by providing the optimized output of branding content, product designs, and businesses that need design support.


Founder / Creative Director

Seomin Lee

Co-Founder / Technical Director

Gwongak Lee


Seomin Lee | Gwongak Lee

Seona Yeom | Seungkyu Gim | Yeogyeong Son Seunghyun Noh | Marion Zirn


2023 IF design award winner / Mobile Hybrid CBCT

2023 IF design award winner / Two Hands

2023 GOLDEN PIN design award / Calzone

2023 DFA design award / Calzone

2023 DIA design Intelligence award / Calzone

2022 Selected as an Excellent Design Company by KIDP

2022 Korea good design award / Calzone

2021 Reddot design award winner / Calzone

2021 IF design award winner / Calzone

2021 IF design award winner / Dabba

2021 IF design award finalist / Mobile Planter
2019 IDEA finalist / Indoor Oxygen Generator

2019 K-Design award Gold / Press Slow Juicer

2019 K-Design award / Temperature Blender
2018 IF design award winner / Express Juicer

2018 IDEA Finalist / Express Juicer
2017 Reddot design award winner / Oxyple

2017 IF design award winner / Oxyple

2017 Korea Good Design Award Gold / bloomengine

2017 MWC Barcelona 4YFN Best5/ Doobit
2012 German Red Dot Design Award
2012 Japan Good Design Award
2012 IDEA Design Awards Finalist
2012 Korea Good Design Award Gold
2011 Korea Good Design Award Gold
2010 Red Dot Design Award
2010 iF Design Award
2009 Red Dot Design Award
2008 iF Design Award
2008 Korea Good Design Award Gold
2008 Japan Good Design Award
2007 Japan Good Design Award
2007 IDEA Design Awards Finalist
2007 Red Dot Design Award
2007 iF Design Award


17 Jahamunro 8 gil, Jongnogu, Seoul 03044 Korea

+82 2 793 1313

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