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Gift package for VIP


Hanwha's long-standing potential, a vision of the future through time, and Hanwha's ESG consciousness were expressed as totem objects.
The gift package for VIP customers consists of wine stoppers and coasters along with selected local wines in Daejeon to celebrate the reopening of Daejeon Stadium.

The wine stopper expressed solid geometry such as sphere and cube in a solid and minimal way, and the coaster expressed a static and graphical mood by layering a circle.

Wine stoppers and coasters have increased their collection value by elaborating and beautifully processing raw materials such as solid glass and stone, and stained wood or metal, respectively.

The wine stopper can be stored through the center, so it looks like a desk object when not in use.
The solid glass, which has an orange color like a flame symbolizing Hanwha, is drilled with fine holes and transformed into a flower holder by inserting a wild grass, which symbolizes Hanwha's inspired ESG consciousness.

The package is designed with stone colors and textures to match the tone and manner of the new VIP space of Hanwha Stadium. It is designed to avoid overpacking and minimize the burden on the environment while feeling a sincere heart and sincerity toward customers.

The concept of accumulation and penetration was applied to the package in the same way as the totem object. The cylindrical package with a stackable structure symbolizes vertical accumulation and the box package with a layered structure represents horizontal penetration of the object design concept.

Vertical accumulation
Horizontal Peneration

for Hanhwa

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Vertical Accumulation Cube

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Vertical Accumulation Sphere

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coaster_top view.1052.png

Horizontal Penetration

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Horizontal Penetration Sphere

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Planning | Product design | Package design

Director | Seomin Lee

Product designer | Seona Yeom, Gaon Park

Package designer | Yeogyeong Son

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