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BDCI Couture

'Couture' is the design project of BDCI design studio. This design project, which reveals bdci's unique design perspective and sense, was born when the craft process that creates elaborate and beautifully and an industrial design approach met. It is a design that is not mass-produced, but a small-scale production process. It expresses from technical internal design to beautiful exterior design, and synographic elements.



Wireless Bedside Lighting 

Lullaby is a wireless bedside lighting with autonomous light control.

The light recognizes the brightness of the surrounding light, brightens, darkens, and turns off by itself. At this time, the ambient light brightness recognition applies to both sunlight and indoor main lighting.


As the day goes dark, Lullaby begins to shine on its own. It gets brighter when the darkness is darker, but the clear lighting bulb, which consists of the LED part of the elementary particle and the transparent resin with the charging receiver completely embedded inside, is a small universe that embraces the still light.


When Lullaby shines, the optical, double solid resin bulb maximizes the immersive experience. When it does not shine, the transparent lighting bulb acts as a lens, projecting the surrounding light and scenery onto Lullaby. Place Lullaby by the window. Enjoy the sunrise and sunset.


Lullaby, which embraces the still light like a candle, can move freely within our living space. Lullaby, who stayed by my side all night, finally rests in a dedicated cradle, Lullaby's cradle, as the day dawns and I prepare for my new day's work. Until the evening when I return home.


•  Wireless

•  Table type

•  Made of solid resin Double lighting bulb with RGB LED

•  Charging Cradle I Weaving Fabric, Metal Tubular, Plastic


•  100 Lumen 4watt I Sensor inside I 12V Cradle


•  Width I 116mm

•  Height I 114mm

lullaby_M led-04.png



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