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'Couture' is the design project of BDCI design studio. This design project, which reveals bdci's unique design perspective and sense, was born when the craft process that creates elaborate and beautifully and an industrial design approach met. It is a design that is not mass-produced, but a small-scale production process. It expresses from technical internal design to beautiful exterior design, and synographic elements.

IF 디자인어워드 2023 UI 부문 수상
twohand rendering

Mindful Hand
Hygiene ; Twohands

Two Hands is hand purifier which offers gratifying hand disinfection experience. Due to Corona pandemic the importance of sanitizing and disinfecting hands as first crucial defense against viral infection has been reestablished. Therefore, hand sanitizers and sanitizing products are frequently spotted in the public space; the public attained habit of checking temperature and disinfecting hands.

Two Hands features more than disinfection, it encompass mindful concept with futuristic organic form: the outer opal glass shows of powderly mysterious white, white and ice-blue light coming distantly from inner layer invites and guides users, and the mist which is mixture of air and water molecule that spray in sequence wets and dries the users’ hands. In total of these features Two Hands provide visual and mental assurance to the users and melts in to the surrounding environment as a ‘objet’ as classy spacial element.

viewof twohand hand purifier
twohand user scene for award

Futuristic form
and interactions

Symbolizing a new era

The stance, visual impression of Two Hands changes from the front, side, and the top. Two Hands seen from the front radiates familiar features of a table lamp, this familiarity allows users to approach Two Hands with ease. As users approach towards Two Hands, it emits distinctive solid form of the ‘Oval’, as users approach closer users realize its distinctive form awing at the gripping and foreign features resulting futuristic and mysterious feeling. Opal Glass material layered with transparent, misty, powdery textures express purity. Soft fluid transition from white to ice-blue lighting interaction announce purity of hand, symbolizing that it is a hand disinfecting product, giving life to Two Hands inducing user process.

Oval shape distinct from circle radiates both familiarity and futuristic features. We has chosen ‘Oval’ as a new paradigm form at the point of Covid pandemic 2020. Using aesthetic language of ‘Oval’ that has the likeness of swelling organism we were able to achieve close resemblance of nature and futuristic feel.

twohand user scene 360

3D Configurator

Drag to rotate / Wheel to zoom

Cleanest experience of hand purifying 


Two types of Two Hands table and floor can be situated in various spaces; especially the form allows it to be in the center of the environment, therefore, can be interacted from all sides allowing one hand and two hand interaction. 

Two Hands detect users approaching, by detecting movement Two Hands’ inner lighting transitions intriguing users to put their hands forward. Two Hands temperature sensors detect user’s hands and spray disinfectant. Calculated amount of disinfectant particles are sprayed with mixture of air evenly covering the entire hand. Due to the characteristic of alcohol, mixture with air creates cool fresh touch to the user’s hands, delivering the experience of purified air running through instead of damp textured feeling of liquid. 

During spraying period Two Hands glow slowly moving ice blue light. Finally, when cool breeze of mixed air and disinfectant spraying is finished additional air is blown to allow disinfectant to be absorbed as well as serving as final drying stage of disinfectant lingering in the nozzles, serving to prevent virus from breeding, keeping TwoHands hygienic at all times. 

Disinfectant is refillable, the refilling process is automatized, with out users having to touch the air-pressure cylinder automatically elevates the head revealing tray for refill.

skeleton rendering of twohand hand purifier
skeleton rendering of twohand hand purifier_ front view

Transience of immaculate 

This show is industrial design studio, BDCI’s first exhibition about expressing 
the sentiment brought from hygiene and sanitation as ‘Transience of Immaculate’. “Two Hands”, hand sanitizer, itself is designed and developed inhouse, with focus on the utilization of space, light, and sound to portray the pristine moment and transform for audience to experience visually.

Apart from the physical use as a hand sanitizer that is made to spray on both hands and the functionality entailed as being cartridge exchangeable, BDCI believes emotion created by Two Hands with the interaction of the physical space, plays an important role in generating unfamiliar yet special encounter during the moment of sterilization.


In this exhibition, one can see BDCI’s attitude towards design through the encompass of technology, mechanism, aesthetics, and sensory perception that amplifies the user’s emotions

Also, by looking at the archive video of the product development and exhibition preparation, one can see the work process and team communications, which all shows snippets of BDCI industrial designers’ daily life.

BDCI’s thought on the sensation of hygiene and sanitization

Concept Visualizing

Prototyping Exhibition

exhibition prototype of twohand hand purifier
lighting prototype of twohand hand purifier

Sound / Lighting / Space / Material Simulation

lighting manual of twohand hand purifier

Exhibition Site

Twohands Hands Purifier_exhibition
exhibition of twohand hand purifier
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