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Calzone is a reusable carry-on foldable silicone bag that can be used in various ways from a portable container when folded in half to a full circular tableware to place things when opened flat.

The shape of the folded container is inspired by a traditional oven baked pizza, Calzone, originated from Naples, Italy. To bring the warm Sicily’s spirit, Calzone brings a whimsical and bright accent to our everyday lifestyle.


Basically, the calzone website is a responsive one-page website. It is designed to easily see and feel the mood of the Calzone brand.

The flexibility of silicon material was expressed as a moving circle. And using the hover, the color and size of Calzone were shown in a fun way, and the bright and pleasant concept of Calzone was expressed.

For a fun and fancy, For a sustainable lifestyle

for Own Project


Calzone Contents motion design

Planning | Web design | Graphic design

Director | Seomin Lee

Graphic designer | Yeogyeong Son​​​​​​​ 

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