Transience of immaculate

BDCI’s thought on the sensation of hygiene and sanitization

This show is industrial design studio, BDCI’s first exhibition about expressing 
the sentiment brought from hygiene and sanitation as ‘Transience of Immaculate’. “Two Hands”, hand sanitizer, itself is designed and developed inhouse, with focus on the utilization of space, light, and sound to portray the pristine moment and transform for audience to experience visually.

Apart from the physical use as a hand sanitizer that is made to spray on both hands and the functionality entailed as being cartridge exchangeable, BDCI believes emotion created by Two Hands with the interaction of the physical space, plays an important role in generating unfamiliar yet special encounter during the moment of sterilization.


In this exhibition, one can see BDCI’s attitude towards design through the encompass of technology, mechanism, aesthetics, and sensory perception that amplifies the user’s emotions
Also, by looking at the archive video of the product development and exhibition preparation, one can see the work process and team communications, which all shows snippets of BDCI industrial designers’ daily life.

Prototyping Exhibition


Sound / Lighting / Space / Material Simulation

Exhibition Site

Twohands Hands Purifier_exhibition_1.jpg